Say Ahh – How to Turn Your Hotel Room Into Your Own Personal Spa

By | October 2, 2017 |

One key to success at work is being your best self every day. But business travel can exhaust anyone and wreak havoc on your routine. It’s difficult to remain at the top of your game for important meetings when you’re trying to recover from long flights and grabbing meals on the go.

Happily a little self-care can go a long way when it comes to staying mentally and physically alert on the road. With a bit of advance planning and a willingness to indulge in small luxuries, you can give yourself just the break you need. Here are some ways to relax — and be mindful — when traveling for work:

Pack a simple spa kit

Include items like soap and bath salts in a scent you really love, travel-sized bottles of your favorite bubble bath and room spray, one-time-use facial masks, ear plugs, an eye mask and votive candles or tea lights.

Create some atmosphere

Pick up flowers and spring water for your room, and when you return from a meeting or are settling in for the evening, light some candles and put on your favorite relaxing music — courtesy of the playlist you made just for this occasion.

Sip something warm

Pack herbal tea bags in soothing flavors like lemon or mint. Hold a warm cup of tea, inhale and sip slowly. Before you know it, the tension that built up in the middle seat on the plane will vanish.

Take advantage of hotel amenities

Start your spa session in the pool (swimming is a meditative sport) or fitness centers (where you can work up a sweat and stretch out those travel-tired muscles). Holiday Inn’s microwave ovens come in handy to warm up facial masks, and extra pillows and towels are just a quick phone call away.

Get your om on

Explore meditation smartphone apps like Calm or Headspace in advance of your trip, and find one that soothes your spirit or helps you find mental focus. Or you can simply find a quiet spot in your room, shut your eyes and practice taking quiet breaths. Just five minutes of meditation will lower your heart rate and make you feel ready to take on the day’s challenges.

Did someone say room service?

What’s better than having room service bring hot food right to your door after a long day on the convention floor? And why not order a glass a wine to sip while you’re in the tub?

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