5 Easy Steps to Wrinkle-Free Packing

By | November 19, 2017 |

Starting a trip with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes can make you feel like you’re perpetually stuck in the middle seat in the back of the plane.

Upgrade your travel style with these expert tips for a perfectly packed, wrinkle-free bag; not only will you look, and feel, like you’re traveling first class, but you’ll be able to spend your time working (and hopefully relaxing), instead of ironing.

If you need a touch up, Holiday Inn has got you covered — every room has an iron and ironing board, plus many/most properties feature self-laundry facilities and same-day dry cleaning.

1. Think Plastic

There’s a science behind wrinkles (really): The culprit is friction, created when two items of clothing rub against each other, which produces the wrinkles in your formerly crisp shirts. Adding a layer of air around your clothes can prevent friction and the resulting wrinkles.

The easiest way to implement this? Plastic. More specifically, plastic dry cleaning bags which create a microscopic layer of air around articles of clothing. Place hanging shirts in individual plastic bags, then do the same for any hanging items, including pants, jackets, dresses and skirts, so that each item has its own protective layer of plastic, and air. No friction, no wrinkles. Presto!

2. Roll, Roll, Roll Your Clothes

For T-shirts, workout clothes, lounge wear and casual pants and jeans, don’t fold, roll your soft fabric clothes instead. For a T-shirt, fold vertically, so the two sleeves match, then fold them over so you have a long rectangle. Roll and place in your suitcase.

Same with jeans: Fold vertically, and roll from the bottom up to create a slim cylinder. You’ll be able to carry more in your bag without crowding (and wrinkling) your clothes while also avoiding adding creases by folding.

3. Square It Off

For sweaters, you will want to use a folding technique, since bulky knits don’t roll evenly. To do this, square off the shoulders by making matching vertical folds along each side of the neck. Then cross the sweater arms across the front of the sweater. Fold the bottom up, and you’re squared and ready to go.

Wear your heaviest items (such as coat and boots) instead of trying to squeeze them into your suitcase.

4. Bag It

Small items, including business trip essentials such as portable chargers and stain-remover pens, should go into clear Ziploc baggies. Tuck socks and lingerie into see-through mesh laundry bags (you can get these at the drug store). All of this transparency will not only help you in security if your bag is selected for inspection (no one wants their undergarments touched by strangers), but also helps corral small items so you won’t have odd marks from items wedged into your clothing.

5. Stow and Go

Now it’s time to fit all your perfectly packed items into your carry on (who has time to wait at a luggage carousel?) Start by placing the square folded items in the bag, then place rolled clothing along the sides. Fit shoes and your bagged items into open spaces (remember, shoes don’t have to be packed next to each other).

The goal is to create a solid base, so your items don’t shift when your bag moves, which can inadvertently crush your clothing. Finally, place your plastic-packed dress items on top, either in a garment bag or simply folded in half horizontally. When you unpack your suitcase at your Holiday Inn destination, you’ll be wrinkle free and ready to go.


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