5 Apps to Make Trip Planning Simpler

By | January 25, 2018 |

Travel planning can feel overwhelming, as you try to sort through the countless websites promising to find the cheapest deals, recommend the highest-rated restaurants and single out the top attractions. To help you sort through the clutter — and simplify your trip planning — here are five popular mobile phone applications to download:1. Hopper

Searching for the lowest-prices flights, with the least number of connections, and at the best times is time consuming. With Hopper, you can scan prices a month ahead and get advice on whether to act now or wait for a price drop.

The app also lets you watch flights on particular routes, receive notifications when airlines and travel companies offer deals or so-called “error fares” (which are priced especially low for a limited period of time as a result of errors in airline booking systems) and book flights with any of its partners.

2. Triposo

The Triposo app offers recommendations on the top sights and attractions in over 50,000 towns and cities around the world, listing entry prices and highlighting hidden gems that locals have picked out.

With this planning app, you can choose attractions from a list of categories (walking tours, foodie tours, etc.), and get recommendations based on your interests. You can also sort the results by price, location and/or activity, or let the app recommend places based on previous searches.

3. Rome2Rio

Figuring out how public transport works, or which routes to take in a new destination can confuse even a savvy traveler. With the Rome2Rio app, you can find out how to travel from A to B at the touch of a button. When you search for directions, the app lists the travel options (bus, metro, taxi, walking, etc.) and prices for each option with an accompanying interactive map that displays routes in colors corresponding to the travel method.

You can also book tickets with confidence for bus, train, metro and ferry trips, as Rome2Rio works directly with local travel providers.

4. Guides by Lonely Planet

The Guides by Lonely Planet app builds upon the print guide books, which pride themselves on sourcing recommendations from in-country experts hand-chosen by LP editors; the app condenses the most important sections of each of their guides into a digest format.

Once downloaded, LP guides can be used offline, so there is no need to worry about excessive mobile roaming charges — they all include LP editor’s top restaurant, bars, and restaurants options with an interactive map. The listings also provide links to websites, phone numbers and addresses to make visiting — and booking — easier.

5. Opentable

With the Opentable app, you can book restaurant tables, pay for meals and get alerts for watched restaurants that have last-minute cancellations,

Opentable is also a helpful tool, if you are visiting a certain neighborhood and want to find the best restaurants nearby, or are looking for a particular cuisine type at varying price ranges. The app also groups related restaurants together in categories to make it easier to discover new culinary gems.

When booking your next hotel stay, be sure to consult the IHG app, which covers Holiday Inn, as well as a dozen other brands, and offers discounts and specials year-round.

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