The Best Apps to Help You Capture a Picture-Perfect Vacation

By | June 16, 2017 |

You might be a pro at Instagram and regularly post your vacation photos to Facebook. But if something’s missing from your pictures, you may want to add these free or low-cost apps to your list. With the right download, it’s easier than ever to ensure your vacation shots are picture-perfect — and to preserve precious family memories for years to come.

1 Second Everyday

For travelers who want to capture the spirit of their adventures without spending every moment looking through a lens, the inventive 1 Second Everyday offers a happy medium. Through a simple interface, it helps you narrow down one photo or video per day (or however often you prefer) and strings them together as a montage of one-second clips, showing quick glimpses of fun, unfiltered highlights.

Similar to the quick-cut closing credits of popular films like The HangoverThere’s Something About Mary and Chef (which gave the app a shout-out and some actual screen time), the resulting mini-movie is a fun and easy way to look back on good times had by all.  (Free on Google Play; $4.99 on iTunes)


Capturing the perfect composition, lighting and angle for every vacation photo can take time away from the experience itself, and yet even the most intensive Instagram editing after the fact can’t always improve the quality of photos taken in haste. Luckily, there’s Enlight, an easy-to-use photo editing app with a broad array of options, from simple contrast and brightness adjustments to multi-hued filters that give photos a dreamy quality not unlike those taken on film.

Advanced users (by spending a little extra time exploring the app’s features) can learn to layer photographs atop one another and use masking and blending tools to create the kinds of cool images found in magazines and on album covers.  ($3.99 on iTunes)


As easy as it is to capture the sights and sentiments of our travels with the tap of a phone screen or click of a camera, some travelers truly enjoy the process of editing photos down to the very last pixel. Bringing out the peachy warmth of an ocean sunset or highlighting the wonder in a child’s eyes as they discover something new can require a bit of skill, but not necessarily pricey software and editing tutorials.

For those willing to spend some time getting those vacation photos “just so,” Snapseed is a critically and commercially praised app that’s free to download on iTunes or Google Play. Developed by Google, it offers many features found in Photoshop and works on any device, from phones and tablets to laptop and desktop computers.  (Free on Google Play and iTunes)


In the digital age, fewer people make the effort to frame favorite vacation photos for display. An app called Framebridge takes the hassle out of the process, allowing users to select, preview and order custom framing services right from their phones. Ranging from $39 to $199 per project, it’s a cost-effective way to save time while committing favorite travel moments to paper, allowing users to work with a virtual designer (or simply choose their own specifications) to ensure each framing project results in a gorgeous family memento. (Free on iTunes)

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