Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Children

By | June 26, 2017 |

We have taken quite a few trips the past year with both of our little girls (ages 3 and 1) and while I’ve been pregnant. For those that are currently debating vacationing with your children, I encourage you to go for it! As long as you are prepared, it will be an amazing trip for everyone!

Choosing the Right Hotel

I am currently 29 weeks and we just got back from Savannah, Georgia where we had the exciting privilege of staying at a hotel in the Historic District! When looking for the right hotel, check out their room options. We stayed in a queen bed suite and it was the perfect size for us! We actually ended up adding a crib and cot to the bedroom so that when the girls were napping, we were able to enjoy quiet time in the lounge area of our suite!

Prep for Kid-Friendly Travel

Traveling with children can most definitely be stressful at times but being prepared is key. We always travel with one large roller suitcase for our belongings and one medium roller suitcase for the girls’ belongings. These are always checked and we then travel with a double umbrella stroller, diaper bag, and toddler backpack to the gate! We only bring the necessities so that we aren’t tugging around things we don’t need. Our plan of attack for plane travel is SNACKS, SNACKS, and more SNACKS. Our 3 year old loves to watch movies on an iPad and our 19 month old was actually entertained by looking and playing with the people around us (sorry everyone!). This most recent trip was actually an easy one and both of them did great!

Cherish the Experience Together

I love being able to create memories with the kids and I always book a photographer to cities that we visit. It’s a great time to collect family photographs and capture memories that we can all look back upon in the years to come. I have also found that it is extremely beneficial to the kids if we take them out of their typical routine and switch things up a bit. While traveling, children have to adapt to a schedule that they can’t necessarily control and I honestly feel like this has been great for them. They have learned that falling asleep in the car, plane, and other places besides their bed is sometimes the only option. They are more adaptable and more patient.

Research, Research, Research

I always research the city that we are visiting first and I make a plan as to what restaurants are great for kids and family friendly activities. I like to have a game plan for each day so that it isn’t stressful! For this particular trip, I made a list of about 15 restaurants that were recommended to us and about 10 options of things to do with the kids and each day we just chose what we wanted to do!

See my complete Savannah Travel Guide with Kids here.

So for those of you that dread traveling with your kids or are scared to travel with your kids, I am here to tell you, DO IT. Do it now! There is no better time than NOW. Your kids will forever remember the memories that you create with them and it will be a great experience for you all! With a positive attitude and if you are prepared, your trip will be a success!

Holiday Inn was the perfect spot to hunker down for a few days as a family. They had an on-site restaurant where the children ate for free and had many options! The on site pool was great for the kids too! Everyone at the Savannah, Georgia location was so accommodating and friendly and they truly made our trip that much better. We look forward to booking a Holiday Inn for our next getaway as a family of 5!

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