5 Things It’s OK to Forget When Traveling with Kids

By | February 3, 2017 |

When it comes to traveling with kids, there are certain essentials that can make or break even the most well-planned getaway. From a forgotten toy to an overlooked ointment, leaving behind the basics is a sure way to add stress to any family vacation.

Anyone, from the notoriously over prepared to the equally notorious procrastinator, can fall victim to forgetfulness. And while necessities like prescriptions, plane tickets, and possibly passports can be a major detour for any trip, other items aren’t such a big deal and can be easily replaced by hotel staff or a quick trip to the nearest drug store. As you plan your family’s next journey, remember these five items that it’s OK to forget when traveling with kids.

Kids Entertainment

More and more frequently, hotels are leaning in to the needs of families traveling with younger children. They’re moving away from the typical crayon and coloring book approach and adding special perks for kids like kid concierges, Kids’ Nights with games and crafts, and in-room gaming systems like at the Holiday Inn Resort Fort Walton Beach. Some have even gone as far as to deliver an in-room goldfish to little ones who are upset about leaving the family pet behind.


Every parent knows the stroller struggle (i.e. the folding, unfolding, checking it at the airport). Alleviate the stress by borrowing one from your hotel. Many hotels offer complimentary strollers to families with young children. Some even carry child-proofing kits, bassinets, and highchairs to make sure your stay runs as smoothly as possible. Just make sure to call the hotel ahead of time to confirm.

Glasses/Contact Solution

Nothing should get in the way of your little one taking in the sights of a new destination, but a forgotten pair of specs could damper the experience and turn their trip into a sensory nightmare. To avoid this, be sure to bring along copies of your child’s prescriptions. Or while it’s on your mind, take a photo of the prescription and keep it in your phone so that it’s always with you.

For older kids, forgetting contact lens solution can create the same problem. Whether you left it at home or were looking for a way to avoid packing another liquid under 3 oz., check with your hotel’s front desk as many have it available upon request. Also, the TSA considers contact lens solution an over-the- counter medication so it can be stored in your carry-on and does not have to adhere to the strict 3 oz. maximum at airports. Just declare it at the security checkpoint and you’re good to go!


A tablet or phone that dies in the middle of your child’s favorite game or movie is no laughing matter. Fortunately, as the number one most left-behind item, hotels tend to have a few extra power cords behind the desk. This means that other’s travelers’ forgetfulness can save you from your own. If you must grab one before reaching your destination, avoid high airport prices by powering up at a charging station. Borrowing from a (friendly) fellow traveler is also an option as many people use the same devices.


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so dentists are taking to Twitter to make sure you know there’s no better time to focus on the importance of maintaining good dental habits. When families travel, their dental routines can go out the window. Add to that the sticky treats and sweet drinks that kids tend to consume on the road and its clear why dentists are concerned about the toll travel can have on your child’s oral health. Don’t let forgetting your child’s toothbrush get in the way of good dental hygiene on the go. While most hotels stock their bathrooms with tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner, some hotels like Holiday Inn provide toothbrushes and toothpaste upon request. Crisis averted!

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