10 Ways to Bond with Your Partner During a Busy Vacation

By | November 28, 2016 |

Getting swept up in a vacation with your partner is easy to do. Rather than packing too much activity into your daily itinerary, make the most of your travels and bonding time with these simple tips. Take a moment to breathe and appreciate not only where you are, but who you are with.

Take a Hike

Whether you want something strenuous or more relaxed, nature provides an automatic way to recharge. Ask your hotel staff or another local for a trail recommendation that won’t be too busy, then take your time enjoying the peace and quiet and soaking in the views together.

Eat In

As tempting as any buzz-worthy restaurant might be, pick one night to stay in or opt out of a typical meal. You can have a relaxing dinner at the hotel restaurant, order room service or— for a more hands-on experience — take a cooking class that includes a meal with the instruction.

Zen and comfort in synchronizationBook a Massage

No matter how jam-packed your vacation, fitting in a couple’s massage will be a welcome antidote to exhausting adventures. Take the time to relax and bask in the time designated for being still.

Set Aside Time to Chill

It makes sense to want to pack everyday with an exciting trip when traveling, but that can burn you out pretty quickly. In the middle of your trip, choose a day (or even just an afternoon) to intentionally plan nothing. Perhaps you and your partner can take a nap in the afternoon sun, or find a quiet cafe to read and blend in with the locals.

Happy young coupleTurn off the Tech

A vacation should be (mostly) free from emails and phone calls. Choose a few times over your vacation to turn off your phones and really connect with your partner and your destination. Wander the streets instead of Googling exactly where to go, and chat with your partner about the highlights of the trip.

Learn Something New

Trying a new activity and getting out of your comfort zone is always a top way to truly connect with a supportive partner. Look for classes that offer something new for both people (maybe a dance or art class, or a new physical challenge) and open yourself up to the new experience, even if there’s a steep learning curve.

Find Some Me Time

It may sound counter-intuitive, but knowing when each of you needs a break for alone time is key to a happy vacation. Take some space when needed — maybe take a dip in the pool, a long bath, or a nap — and come back together refreshed and energized for a special date night.

Choose Wisely

Plan the vacation so both parties are happy and have a mix of activities to keep you grounded in the moment. If one person prefers zip-lining, bungee jumping and strenuous hikes, and the other is all about historic sites and museum time, accommodate both sets of interests. Even if you’re on the same page as far your activities, plan with variety for fast- and slower-paced days to avoid vacation burnout.

Surprise Each Other

Before your departure, have each partner choose one activity or restaurant as a surprise excursion for the other. You’ll each be excited to share what you’ve planned, and leading the other on a secret trip can add a bit of spontaneity to a packed itinerary.

Leave the Judgements at Home

Vacation is the perfect time to say goodbye to your regular routine and everyday expectations. You want to sleep in and eat cake in the morning? Go for it. Your partner wants to explore the hottest bar that doesn’t open until 11 p.m.? Head out.

Use those vacation days as a true break from reality, and pursue whatever you and your partner really want to do at that moment.

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