The 5 Best Apps to Spark Creativity While Traveling

By | September 8, 2016 |

Traveling for business certainly has its restrictions — budgets to hit, itineraries to follow and goals to be met. Likewise, traveling for pleasure is often a goal-oriented endeavor, with a to-do list of places to eat and things to experience often planned well in advance.

5 Apps For Creative TravelFor those who want to shake things up a bit and let their creativity fly, many inventive applications now offer a host of features to enhance the travel experience. Great travel apps introduce hidden gems that might otherwise go unnoticed, or spark various forms of creativity and help travelers make artful use of their time.

These five apps will help inspire — and, in some cases, capture — creative moments, no matter where you are in the world.


Free on iOS and Android

Great for people who are ready to give in to their sense of wanderlust and discover something new, Roadtrippers offers a host of features. One of the nation’s most rapidly growing travel planning apps for web and mobile, Roadtrippers includes tools to plan and organize a trip, whether in advance or in the moment. If you’re already in a new place and curious about the local gems around you, there’s a feature for that. If you’re planning out a route in advance and want to see what cool local detours you should make along the way, there’s one for that, too.


Free on iOS

There’s something almost sacred about keeping a journal while traveling. It allows you to capture your first impressions of places and experiences that will never feel as new to you as they do in the moment you first come in contact with them. With this in mind, the developers behind Volo have created a beautiful digital journal interface in which to collect your notes, photographs and even routes to reference— should you ever want to recreate a particular trip.

The shareable aspect of the Volo community gives you access to other travelers’ points of view, perhaps inspiring you to branch out even more.


Free on iOS

Particularly when you’re on a plane or in an airport, passing the time by indulging in a creative endeavor sounds like an impossible, albeit blissful, concept. With emails to answer, social networks to check, and to-do lists blinking up at us, the idea of whipping out a sketchbook and drawing a picture might feel strange or even wasteful. Enter Paper, a travel-friendly sketchbook app you can download on your phone or tablet.

This addictive user experience lets you sketch drawings and notes either for purely creative purposes or to capture inventive ideas about your next big project at work. A stylus, aptly called “Pencil,” is sold separately for optimal use.


Free on iOS and Android

Discover New Places with Travel AppsFor those with a couple of hours to spare in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Texas, or a handful of select European cities, Detour is an innovative city walking tour app worth checking out. Its top-notch production values and geolocation-savvy interface takes you on a tour of the city’s lesser-known historic places and immerses you in an exploratory experience as you walk around.

Tied together by a smart narrative and easy, one- to two-mile routes, the app delivers a deep, multisensory experience complete with a dramatic history lesson — all wrapped up in an afternoon stroll.


Free on iOS

Like a 24/7 creativity coach on your phone, Brainsparker goes with you everywhere and helps you tap into your creative potential through daily inspiration and more than 200 open-ended prompts to encourage out-of-the-box thinking. Brainsparker’s questions are best asked in new environments, where your brain is already taking in new information about the world around you and primed to generate new ideas.

Figure out a solution to a problem in the office, come up with a brilliant idea for an artistic endeavor, or generate a whole new worldview — it’s totally up to you.

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